Brent Haskell article: Jeshua: On Vision

Greetings to you this day. I am Jeshua. You have asked me this day about vision. And of that I would speak with you.

When you hear the word vision, you are wont to think of your senses, and your eyes. For do you not think of vision as something that you do with your eyes? And in this imagined world of space and time, that is correct. For you use your eyes to see. And that which you call light comes from other objects into your eyes and is processed by your brain, and you get images. And you use those images to live in your world.

However, vision is not of your eyes. Vision is of the spirit. And I have told you so often, you are not a body. This entire imagined world is, in fact, illusion. And therefore it is not real. So therefore, that which you seem to see with your eyes, by definition, is also not real. But vision is real. And in this world, if we talk of vision in the world of spirit, what is it? And what does it mean? And how do you acquire it?

If you will, vision comes to you into and through the core of your being. Vision comes to you, not through your eyes, but through the aspect of your Self that is connected to the universe, that is connected to God. So when you experience vision, you literally are experiencing with the eyes of God. And the eyes of God, as a physical thing, do not exist. If you sense somewhere within your being an inner knowing, from whence does that come? You have used words like inner guidance, and Holy Spirit, and the voice of God, but from whence does it come? When you experience an inner knowing what you are doing is sufficiently silencing your thinking in order to allow you to be aware of that which is real, about you, about the universe, and about God.

Can you look upon your world and see it, experience it, at that level? And the answer is, indeed, you can. Can you look upon any aspect of that which you call space and time, which, illusion though it be, ultimately is created by you, by the universe, and by God, and experience the truth of All That Is, the truth of God? You can. So as you look upon your world of illusion, what does vision show you? Vision brings to you an experience, an inner knowing. For some of you it may come as a feeling. For some of you it may seem to come as words, words that go beyond your thinking to the core of your being. For some of you it may be undefined, simply an experience that you know comes from beyond this world of space and time.

If you look upon an object in your space and time, and see it not with your eyes, not with your senses, but with true vision, then you experience the truth of what is. And in doing so, you become aware of the truth of what you are. This world, illusion though it be, was created by you, creative power of God. And your world that you experience is created by you. For you have within you the creative power of God. So if you try to experience something in your space and in your time, in this world of illusion, and you experience vision, you will simply experience the truth. You will experience oneness; you will experience nothing but love; you experience nothing but harmony; you will experience nothing but peace. For that is the essence of the universe and of the world.

As you experience your world of space and time like that, then as you allow your consciousness to participate, you will experience words of truth. And no matter what words you may seem to be hearing, you will see the truth of those words, which is the truth of spirit. As an example, you may see someone who seems to be angry or upset, but when you look upon that person with vision, all that you will see is perfection and love. For that is all that God and the universe are. And that is all that you are.

And have I not told you that when you open your self to the Holy Spirit, to the presence of God, then you will know what to say, and what to do, and where to go. And that is what happens when you look upon your world with vision. The words you speak will be the words of truth. And you will find yourself in circumstances where that truth flows out of you without effort or struggle. And that is the goal of your life, is it not? To flow through your life without effort or struggle, experiencing only oneness and peace and love and harmony, knowing where to go, and what to do, and what to say. For that is the peace of God.

Can you relate to this physical world with vision? Can you participate in activities here in this world with vision, with the inner knowing, and with love, and with passion. And indeed, you can. As you approach anything, even if it be a hobby or an activity, when you can stop your thinking and be still, and open to the oneness that you are, you will experience in that selfsame activity, harmony and beauty and joy beyond what you could have imagined.

Vision allows you to experience the truth of all of life. It allows you to experience the truth of brothers or sisters with whom you are interacting. It allows you to experience the truth of your self, of who you are. And that will fill you, simply and cleanly, with joy. And life will be a blessed adventure. And is that not the definition of joy? To live your life in a place where you are completely one, and completely safe, and completely in harmony with all that is. To feel love welling up within your being, every second, every precious holy instant. And that is joy. And you may stay here and experience joy as long as you wish. For you have that creative power within you.

So how do you, then, find this vision, and experience it, and come to know this joy? It is so simple, in words. You have within you a large collection of beliefs that generate for you what I called faith when I walked this earth 2000 years ago. You have within you a collection of beliefs which seem to be based upon this world. And those beliefs can not speak to you of what you really are. And that collection of beliefs is what I have called, in A Course In Miracles, the ego. And as you become free of those false beliefs, then that which is true shines forth and fills you with the joy of which I have spoken.

How do you know if you are dealing with false beliefs? That is simple, indeed. If you find yourself in a situation or circumstance in which you feel fear or unrest, or in which you react with other than peace and love, then know that you are being guided by some or one of the false beliefs that make up your ego. And the purpose of space and time is to discover who you are by letting go of that collection of false beliefs called your ego.

And as you let go of those, then what you see is, as we have said, the beauty and the perfection and the harmony and the love of All That Is.

Can you do that slowly, if you wish? Of course. Can it happen in an instant? Indeed, it can. If you open to infinite love, without fear, and with the willingness to allow every false belief to disappear and be dissipated by that perfect love, then that is what shall happen, indeed. It seems frightening as you think about it. But as you become aware, not in your thinking, but with deep feeling, that the pathway to perfect love is to let go of a series of false and unreal beliefs, then how long does it take to say – I want to do that.

And as you open to that willingness, you do not have to work or struggle. You simply open and become, in that instant, changed. As you become aware, more and more, of peace and harmony and love and oneness, know that you are, indeed, chiseling away at this ego of yours, and moving closer to the vision of which I speak.

So vision is an experience of your being, beyond your thinking, and beyond your senses. You can look beyond the things of your world, beyond your senses, and experience this world with vision. You can experience the essence of life itself, which is not connected to the illusion of space and time, and experience it at the core of your being. And that is vision.

And now I promise you that all of you will come to know vision. Do not think yourself slow or dawdling if you are not there yet. The universe is a place of perfect love and perfection, and it is unfolding exactly as your creative spirit has chosen for it to do. As it unfolds and you go about your life, rejoice that everything that you react to or that seems to make you afraid, is a gift that is guiding you toward the vision and the beauty of which we speak. And as you do that, you shall free yourself more and more unto the understanding and the inner knowing of that which you are, which is infinite love, and which is God itself.

My blessings upon you all. That is all.

Brent A. Haskell, Ph.D., D.O.