Tom Campbell: MBT LA 2016

Reality 102: How Does it Work? Why Should I Care?
Presented by Tom Campbell
Hosted by Daghda MacCuolahan

MBT LA 2016 — Parts 1-7:

Slides may be obtained here:  MBT LA Slides

Saturday: Big TOE Science — The Implications of Virtual Reality

Part 1 (slides 1-8): Introduction, Virtual Reality, Action at a Distance

Part 2 (slides 9-24): Virtual Reality continued, Quantum Mechanics, Double-slit Experiment

Part 3 (slides 25-52: Double-slit Experiment Continued, Proposed Experiments

Part 4: (slides 53-61): Proposed Experiments continued, Chaos Theory, Q & A

Sunday: Life and Love in the Bigger Picture

Part 5: Applications of MBT to Everyday Life

Part 6: Q & A

Part 7: Q & A

We are fortunate. We are living in a time when our basic understanding of reality and of who and what we are is about to make a dramatic and unprecedented change.

Quantum physicist, Anton Zeilinger noted that: “We have had quantum physics around now for nearly 100 years and we are still working at the foundations. And that tells me that when we find it, it will be an absolute revelation. It will be something different from what we have been thinking.”

That absolute revelation is here and it is big. It is logical, experimentally verifiable, and fully relevant to our everyday life.

In this historic lecture series, Tom Campbell presents his long-awaited variations of the double-slit experiment and calls on the next generation of scientific pioneers to help lead us into a new era of understanding.

“For the first time in history, all the pieces of the puzzle are in place for a major paradigm shift.”
— Tom Campbell

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MBT LA 2016
Filmed by Justin Snodgrass and Michael Plaster
Edited by Justin Snodgrass

Host: Daghda MacCuolahan

Special thanks to:
Alex Peterson
James Joyce
Marla Frees
Donna Aveni

Thomas Warren Campbell