The Bible

In chapter 23 of the book “On Awakening to Love” Jesus writes through dictation to Gina Lake the following about The Bible:

I would like to say a little about how I see the Bible and its accuracy and
completeness in regard to its accounts of my life as Jesus. The Bible must be understood in context. The gospel accounts of my life were not recorded until long after I departed. Before the gospels were written, stories about what I said and did were passed down orally, and bits and pieces were informally recorded by various people.

In these accounts, much about my life and what I said was left out,
removed, or forgotten, while fabricated stories and quotes were added, perhaps because they were misremembered or purposely embellished. The gospels were based on these collective memories, embellishments, and fabrications of the events of my life and written by individuals who were not actually present. As such, the story the gospels tell is inconsistent and unreliable.

Some of what I said was correctly preserved in the gospels, but so much more was incorrectly portrayed as to render the accounts nearly useless. Then those accounts were further adulterated by others at various times throughout history, taking them even farther from the truth. Then, of course, there is the issue of translations further distorting the little that was left of the truth.

When people do see Truth in the Bible, it is because they “have eyes to
see.” On some level, they already know the Truth, and so they can find it in places in the Bible. That Truth was already alive inside of them. However, those who do not “have eyes to see” have often misunderstood the words in the Bible and led others astray.

The accounts of miracles are accurate enough, as these things are possible at a certain point in one’s spiritual evolution, but I did not rise from the dead. No one has yet to be resurrected from the dead. Some did see me in my etheric body after I died, which explains the accounts of resurrection. But such visions are not uncommon for those close to the departed. To equate such visions with resurrection of the body is a gross misunderstanding.

So much of what was said about me was distorted in a similar way in an
attempt to mythologize me and turn me into a god, which I was not. Human beings naturally want someone to look up to, someone more powerful than they are, who will tell them what to do and what to think, someone to give their power to, but that was the last thing I wanted. I did not want worldly power or even spiritual power. I want you to know your own power.

The idea that I was a god is possibly the worst distortion of all, as I was and am no more a god than you. Or to put it a better way: You are as much a god as me. We are the same: equals spiritually. We are not different. If anything, I came to show you that, not that I was somehow special or “the only Son of God.”

The idea that I was the one and only Son of God and that people could only come to God through me has caused incalculable harm, discord, and judgment — shame upon my name. And I would very much like to correct the record, which I have tried to do through other channels as well.

This particular idea is but one example of a distortion of something I said, manipulated by those who either didn’t know or were intent on building the “one, true church,” a decidedly egoic idea. There is no one, true church. How could a church, which is made up of people, represent the Truth?

The Truth is a living truth, and a church is a group of people, presumably un-Christed individuals, as Christed individuals have no need for a church. This is not to say that churches don’t serve or don’t do some good work, but please understand that I had nothing to do with establishing a church or creating the rules and dogma of any church. These were created by human beings who were not Christed, who did not understand my teachings, and who had an agenda of their own, including an agenda of power or that of promoting certain beliefs they held, for whatever reason.

Let me say this again: It was not my intention to create a religion, a church, or even a movement. That happened because people misunderstood my teachings. If they had understood them and applied them, they would have lived simple lives in peace, love, and harmony with all.

Having others spread my word, my teachings, was not my intention. How can someone who doesn’t understand my teachings, who is not Christed, represent my teachings faithfully? And why would they try to spread teachings that were not theirs, that were not fully understood by them? It is ignorance to try to do so. And further ignorance and so much harm were the result.

But I understood that this would happen, and I accept that it could be no other way. But you should know that this would not be my way if I had had a say. This was not my wish. I didn’t ask people to spread my teachings. I wanted people to discover the Truth within themselves that I had discovered and live accordingly. Then once they had discovered that, to share this with others in their own unique way, to share their own expression of the Truth. That’s all.

The ego loves its beliefs because its beliefs make it feel superior to others. In the end, the ego wants to feel superior. It knows nothing about love. It used my teachings to feel superior to others, not to love others. And that was the basic problem. Egos use beliefs to separate themselves from others, to make themselves special, right, or superior and others inferior.

You see this in every religion. Those within a religion see themselves as
right and superior to those who hold other beliefs, even if their religion doesn’t openly teach or approve of this. This is not what I taught. How can religion, which at its core, judges and separates one person from another and from God, reflect what I taught? What could be more opposed to my teachings than judgment, conflict, and separation?

No, I did not come to establish a religion — far from it! I came to break
down the barriers between people, to show them the Truth as best I could. But very few were ready for it. Very few understood.

Things are very different now. So many of you know the Truth in your
Hearts and are ready to live in alignment with that. The Truth is not a set of beliefs and rules. The Truth is a way of living, a way of being in the world. It is how you are and has nothing to do with what you think or believe. The Truth is beyond thoughts and beliefs.

What would I have you do with the Bible and the teachings therein? I
would have you disregard those teachings and start anew. I would discard the teachings in the Bible, as I discarded the teachings of Judaism. Too much of what is in the Bible has been distorted, misunderstood, or incorrectly reported. Why put new wine into old wineskins?

My teachings are alive and well today in many teachers of today, not just channels of mine, but others who understand the Truth, which is universal and belongs to no religion. This is a time for Truth with a capital T. There is no time to sort through the old for the bits of Truth when so much Truth is being spoken today by emissaries of the Truth, who have come to earth specifically to share that Truth. The Truth they point to has nothing to do with beliefs, as I have said.

You are blessed to have so many walking on earth who have realized the Truth and live it and speak it, as I did. I was but one of so many over the centuries who have realized this Truth. Today, more individuals than ever before have realized it and will realize it, because that is what is needed now.

As for my teachings then and now, any idea or belief that is not of love, that separates one person from another, was not and is not part of my teachings, not part of the Truth. If you take one thing away from my previous teachings, let it be “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I would also add the importance of forgiveness: Forgive yourself and others. These two things are what I came to teach. These two simple teachings, alone, will transform you, and in so doing, change the world.

I am here now to bring my teachings anew to those who are ready for them, although I was never not here. The way has been prepared for centuries now. It has taken this long for humanity to develop to the point where enough people are able to understand the Truth. It is still only a relative few who understand and who will understand. But that is enough. We cannot wait for more people to be ready. A transformation of consciousness must take place now, before it is too late.

The time has come, the hour is late, and you must devote yourself to the Truth, which will open your Heart and bring the change that is needed. By the way, that truth is love: You are made of love and meant to live in love. The truth is whatever helps you know love and live with a peaceful heart. That is what I taught and what I teach today: Love yourself, love one another, love God. This will change your consciousness and your world.

It is not too late, but there is no time to dilly-dally, to wait for others to
change. It is for you to change and make a difference. If you think this isn’t possible or won’t be enough, then you are merely adding to the problem. The world doesn’t need more apathy or discouragement. It needs courage and people passionate for the Truth. Thank you for opening your Heart to us. Thank you for being here. We are with you always.