Brent Haskell article: Jeshua: On Surrender

Greetings to you, this day. I am Jeshua. But I am, actually, you. But I am also God; just as you are God. And when you ascribe a name to me, you are just referring to a place within yourself wherein you are connected to the essence of the universe, which is God. Therefore, you are connecting to the place where you are God. For that is your nature.

When I told you, “I will be with you always, even unto the end of the world”, I was not referring to myself as a personage, as a body, or as a personality. I was referring to the place within where all of us live and have our very being. So I say to you, I am Jeshua. But I am you; and I am God.

Today you have chosen to address the issue of surrender. And you address that issue, as you address any issue, by being still and listening to the voice within. What does it mean to surrender? What are you surrendering? What are you surrendering from, or are you surrendering to? And most importantly, do you need to surrender at all? For if you are God, as I have just spoken, how can God ever surrender part of Itself, or surrender to part of the universe, or to the world. That cannot, and does not, happen.

So if we speak of surrender, always we are speaking of a transition from that which does not exist and is not real, to that which is real and does exist. So what you would surrender to must be the essence of God. When you surrender, what do you actually surrender? What is it about you that is not real? You are familiar with A Course In Miracles and books like it, that speak of the ego. And they say the ego is not real. And that is exactly true. For the ego, by its very definition and essence, is the collection of, hear me well, your false beliefs that you use to define, in this world, who you are.

So if you would surrender, the first goal of surrender is to surrender the false beliefs that seem, in this world, to tell you who you are. Now, is it inappropriate to think of yourself as male or female, to think of yourself as having certain personality characteristics? Is that ego? And the answer is – no. What is ego, then? Ego means “I am”. So your ego is that collection, as I have told you, of beliefs that tell you who you are. So any belief that you hold that you feel without which you, in this world, would be less, or would not exist in part, then that is ego. Can you experience this world of space and time, love it and enjoy it, and live the experience here to its fullest without being involved in your ego? And the answer is – yes, indeed you can.

How do you do that, then? By simply knowing at the core of your being, beyond your thinking, at the level of deepest experience, that none of this world is who you are. And that is it. When you KNOW that you are not of this world, then your ego is gone. And you can stay here and experience space-time for as long as you want. And what is it, then, that you would do? Perhaps, just enjoy space and time. For this world is a creation of God itself, which is you. Or you might stay here to share and teach others, which is a noble action and a noble ideal. However, if you stay here and try to teach, but out of a sense of duty or obligation, then that means that you do not yet know who you are. Do you see?

So if you would surrender from the ego, you are surrendering from, as I have said, the collection of false beliefs that tell you who you are. What can help you in your desire to surrender just that? Are there other beliefs that you can surrender to help with this? The answer is indeed, yes. You can surrender from your beliefs in duality. And duality, as you know, means two. But this is not a universe of duality. This is a universe of perfect oneness. And that you have heard before. You have read the words that this is a non-dualistic universe. God is one. But what if that truth becomes part of your being? What if you surrender from duality? What happens then? All the images of duality go away.

And suddenly there is no definition, no thought, no awareness, of good or bad, or right or wrong, or skillful or unskillful, or desirable or less desirable. There is no categorization of other human beings into loving and less loving. There is no categorization of other human beings into afraid or not afraid. When duality is gone, which is the case in God’s universe, then all you see is Oneness, the Oneness that is God.

And if you were to define God itself as the Oneness of all of existence, would you say that God is perfect? Yes. God is absolute love? Yes. God is all beings, One Self? Yes. If you try to define any beings, including your self, as less than perfect, less than absolute love, less than God Itself, then you are still, hear me well, believing in the world of duality. So if you would surrender, you must surrender to the awareness, not in your thinking, for that is superficial and those thoughts have no meaning, you must surrender at the depth of your inner being, at the core of your heart, if you will, to the knowledge and the experience, without hesitation, that everything, every being, every circumstance, every happening, is and must be perfect.

Then how can things which seem to your thinking mind to be less than perfect, be perfect? For is it not appropriate for you to say such things as – it is not skillful, it is not good, it is not, whatever adjective you would use, to kill another being. You are so wont to define. And definition can only occur in a world of duality. What of that, then, if you have chosen the notion of duality, and right or wrong, and good or bad, and less or more, and the list goes on? You have come to experience your life here in space and time in order to discover who you are. For that is the goal of this life itself.

And when you surrender, you will simply surrender to the knowing within your being of who you are, which is the essence of God. But you have chosen the realm of duality. And every experience which seems to be of duality is a gift, a gift to help you see what you actually are. And I have told you before that – you are the robber, you are the person clinging to his possessions in fear of being robbed; you are the murderer, you are the person who seems to be victim and allows his body to seem to be murdered; you are the prisoner, you are the gatekeeper. And if you experience all of that, then the gift that comes to you is the ability, without effort, to see past it all to the simple awareness that duality is simply an aspect of the Oneness.

Now I have spoken to you, in A Course In Miracles, of the Holy Instant. And so many religious teachers tell you to live in the present moment, to live only in the Now. That is expressed in many ways, but it is absolutely essential. Think carefully for a moment.

I tell you in A Course In Miracles that you must let go of the past. And do you all not say – yes, of course. What if you had no awareness at all of past? And what if you had no concern at all for the imagined future? Then you would simply be – without definition, without categorization, without struggle. And you would not be able, hear me well, to define something as good or bad, right or wrong, less or more, and the list goes on. If you simply exist in this moment, then that is what you do.

So if you would surrender in order to discover who and what you are, then you discover that if you surrender from the past, you lose all the definitions and all the stories that you have written that would cause you ever to be concerned about being alive, or to be afraid. And you would simply be peaceful and happy. And without stories made up from your past, there would be no enemies, no concern for the future.

And can you actually surrender from any concern for the future? And I will answer that with a question. Do you think that God itself has any concern for what you call the future? Do you think that God itself is afraid for tomorrow and things that might seem to happen? Even as I say those words, you realize full well that the answer is – of course not. And what if you are connected to the essence of God? Then in your awareness of who you are, do you, like God, have any concern for the future? And the answer is – indeed not.

What if you worry about health? If you know at the core of your being, in this moment, that your imagined health in this world of space and time is perfect, then that is what you are, and shall be, for all of your imagined time. If you know, in this moment, that you have, in this moment, enough money, in this moment, and I do not speak of a bill that you will pay 10 minutes from now, I mean, in this moment. If you know, in this moment, that you have enough money, then your creative spirit will connect to the infinite abundance of the universe. And enough money is there and shall remain with you for all of your time.

But if you fear for the future, which you cannot do without writing stories about an imagined past, then you cannot know that you are perfectly healthy and wealthy, with all that you need for this moment. And you block that presence in your life. So if you would escape from the fear of being poor, from the fear of being unhealthy, from the fear of losing a relationship, or any fear that you wish to entertain, you do that in the present moment. And when that is what you are, then that IS what you are. And all concerns for the future are gone and shall remain gone, because you will find automatically, without effort, that you have enough money, that you have perfect health, that your only relationship that matters is with your Self.

And your inner being, which is your relationship with God, and God is infinite love, is absolutely dependable. So you never have to fear if God will withdraw love from you. For that cannot happen. And if you know that you are complete within yourself, then you can be in relationship with your fellow humans without fear at all. And if you can be in a relationship without fear, then you are able to allow freedom to anyone with whom you are related. And without that, you cannot know or give real love.

So if you would surrender, you surrender the collection of false beliefs you have about who you are, which is your ego. You surrender the collection of false beliefs that you believe you need in order to exist. And you surrender from your belief in duality, which takes you to the place where you simply know and experience everything as perfect, and as a gift. And that means that anything in your life, whether it seems to be what you might call positive, or negative, within your imagined duality, is a gift to help you discover who you are. And did I not say to you in A Course In Miracles – all things are lessons God would have you learn? All things are gifts that will help you come to know the nature of God, and therefore, of yourself.

And if you would surrender, you surrender from the belief in the past and the future. For many of you that would take more courage, if you will, than the others. For to give no thought for tomorrow at all is terrifying for almost all of you who live in space and time, and think you have bills to pay, and food to obtain, and shelter to possess and maintain. So what do you surrender to if you let go of all those things? What happens is, you become aware of your oneness with God.

Now, hear me well. If I say – you are one with God – the words speak of duality, do they not? For they say that you, separate being, are one with another separate being, God, and that something brings you two different unique beings together, whatever that means. Hear me well. It is not possible to be one WITH God. For that still speaks of duality, which does not exist.

What is the answer, then? The answer is so simple, so profound, and for most of you terrifying. For the answer and the truth lies in these three words – YOU ARE GOD. You Are God. And the entire existence of the universe lies within you. For you are an infinite being beyond name. For that is you. And as you look out at your world and see what looks like other beings, the exact same statement is true of them. In your world you are aware of holograms. And the nature of a hologram is that it forms an image. But within every aspect of the image lies all of it, and yet it takes all of the pieces to form the image, which is the oneness. That is almost beyond your comprehension. The total of it all is God. But so is every tiny aspect of the whole. The entire universe is fully God Itself, but so are you, completely and entirely, God.

And every brother and every sister, every animal, every tree, is God. How can you deal with that in this world of space and time? What if you KNEW that you were God? Then you would know that absolutely everything, everything, every experience, comes from within your being. And have I not said to you – the kingdom of God is within you? And have I not said in A Course In Miracles – seek not outside yourself? For the realization comes that you ARE all that exists. Have I not said to you – your only goal is to accept the atonement for YOURSELF? Which is but to know who you are.

So you, within yourself, have the power to generate everything, the awareness of perfect love and perfect happiness. You have within you the power to generate WHATEVER circumstances in your life you can imagine, with the knowing within that there is no reason for any concern for anything or anyone outside yourself. Because the only thing that is out there in the world you see is what you have chosen, as God, to place there. And if it seems to you to be less than perfect harmony, then, I assure you, you are still believing in that which does not exist – duality.

So, ultimately, you surrender to the awareness that you are God. You only look within. And if you are happy and joyful, celebrate within. If you are not, still look within. If you see something that makes you unhappy or afraid, what you see is nothing but props YOU have placed there to bring you the gift that helps you to know that you are not yet aware of who you are. So as you look at anything in your life, and look only within, then always be aware – I am choosing this.

So the only response you can have to any aspect of your life is gratitude. For everything that you experience is placed in your life by the essence of perfect love, which is the essence of God, and which is you. So as you surrender from the false aspects of this world, you become aware that you are God. And when you are God, you are infinite wisdom, infinite beingness, infinite love, and the list goes on, as long as you want to make it.

You are perfect. And if you are perfect, then whatever comes up that you would consider surrendering to or from – anything – what do you need to surrender? And the answer is, of course – nothing. That you know within, as you chuckle and continue being the infinity and the perfection that you are, which is God itself.

My blessings upon you all. That is all.

Brent A. Haskell, Ph.D., D.O.