Faith II

Brent Haskell article: Jeshua: On Faith II

Greetings to you, this day. I am Jeshua. At your request, I have come to speak with you this day about faith. For that is one of the questions you have dealt with throughout almost all of your life here.

When I walked this earth 2000 years ago, I told you that if you had faith the size of a grain of mustard seed you could literally move mountains. And that is true.

And so the question so many of you have is, “then why can’t I move mountains?” Now, part of the question answers itself. If you say why can’t “I” move mountains, to what are you referring, or to whom are you referring? When you say “I”, or if you ask, can “I” out of my ego, out of my conscious thinking, out of the thoughts that I seem to have moment to moment as I walk this world of space and time, if you mean those thoughts, then that is not where faith lies. It is not where faith can lie. And if you come from that world of your thinking, you will fail in your attempt to move mountains.

So wherein lies faith, if it does not lie in your thinking? I have told you – you are not a body, you are not your thoughts, you are not your brain. This world is illusion. This world is imagined by you. And so now you may want to ask, “If the world is, if my world is, created by my self, then wherein lies that self, and what is that self?” In a word, that self is your capital “S” Self, not your small “s” self, which is the self of the ego. That self is comprised of a set of false beliefs you have about who you are.

So faith arises from the world of your real Self. That is the world wherein you experience what you are. I have told you that you are not a body. You are spirit. You are not isolated. You are joined. This is not a world of separation, but of oneness. You are, and must be, part of, and one with God. You can even say that you are God itself, as long as you do not confuse the “I” who is God with the thinking and the ego of which I spoke.

So what I meant two thousand years ago was that if you became aware of what you really are, with the tiniest fraction of awareness, then what would blossom out of your being is literally the power of God. And there are no limits to what the power of God can do. That would include all the things I seemed to do – moving mountains, walking on water, healing the blind, healing the sick, raising the dead, ascending from the world of space-time into the real world of spirit. And I told you then that all of the things that I did, you can do also. And much greater things than those can you do.

What of this world of space and time that you seem to walk in, that you seem to think about with the thoughts that are not the thoughts you share with God? What of this world? I have told you so many times -this world is illusion. What does that mean? That means that this entire world, in essence, is not real and does not exist. But in essence, this world is spirit. For spirit is all that is. Just as God is all that is. So this world that you seem to live in, this illusion, is comprised of spirit, the selfsame Spirit that is God.

And when your real Self, that has within it the power of God, has a creative impulse, imagines something, if you will, then it is done. It is done in an instant, beyond time. It is done without effort. That is important. It is done without effort. The spirit that you are never has to work at being. For being is what you are. And being is your life. So the Self, the real Self, that is you is literally imagining, or making up, this world of illusion. It seems as if it happens with every second of your time. But time, of course, does not exist.

This entire world of illusion came and went in an instant. And that I have told you in A Course in Miracles. For you, spirit, are incapable of having a creative impulse and then waiting and watching to see what happens. You, creative spirit, have a creative impulse, and in that same instant, it is done. And that is the power of God, and the power of your creative Self.

Now, as you walk this earth, with your imagined body and your imagined thoughts, can you connect to that Self that you are, and through the power of that Self seem to do miracles? And the answer is – absolutely yes. So if you would seem to do miracles, how do you decide what miracles to do? Ego does not, and cannot, decide about miracles. For ego is not connected to miracles. In fact ego is the stumbling block that keeps you from being aware of your real Self and its power. There are miracles that you sometimes observe, the miracles that spirit does, but then when you try to analyze them and think about them with your imaginary thoughts, you get nowhere. For you can not understand the nature of what you are with your thinking minds.

Now when I walked this earth 2000 years ago I said – “It is not I doing the works, but the father working through me.” What I meant was this. It is not my imaginary, isolated being, my ego, that is doing the miracles. It is my connection to the reality of existence, to the father, to the Self, to the One Self, to God, and to that which I am, that does the miracles.

And how do you know what miracles to do? When you are connected to your One Self, your real Self, then without effort, without worry, without thought, without struggle, you know what to do, and where to go, and what to say. And I have told you that in A Course in Miracles. Imagine living your life that way with no fear, no concerns, perfect confidence, knowing that the power of God resides within you, that you are a being in a world in which you are totally safe, beyond time. And that is the peace of God.

And when you know that of yourself then you will, without effort, know that of every brother and every sister, and of the entire world. And you will know then the place within where you are God. Can you use that power to affect things in this world of illusion? And the answer is – yes you can. Part of the design of this world was to give you the power within yourself, at some level of awareness, so that you could begin to get glimpses of what and who you are. For that is actually your goal in this imaginary world in space and time, to discover who you are. And then you will be free. And then you will be at peace.

Now, there are people who through thoughts and concentration and focus seem to generate things like perfect health and release of illness, and seem to generate things like money and welfare, and seem to generate things like love and relationships. And they are doing just that, for that is the way you have designed this experience in space and time. When you go beyond your thinking and connect to that which you are within, then you can indeed apply that power to your life here.

In fact, every single thing that happens in your life here arises out of your real Self. And I have told you that it is not possible that you, the son of God, experience anything that was not your choice, and ultimately your design. So as you play with, if you will, connecting with that power within, then you do so for the purpose of discovering who you are. Will you discover the true Self that you are by pursuing ventures within the world of space and time? And the answer is – you will get glimpses, but not more than that.

And what did I say to you 2000 years ago – seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. Is the nature of God perfect love? Of course. And in this world is the nature of God perfect health? Of course. In this world is the nature of God prosperity and wealth so that you are totally comfortable within the world as it seems to operate? And the answer is, of course. Is this a world of love where all beings love you and resonate with you, and you love them and resonate with them? And the answer is, of course. For that is the nature of the world. And when you know who you are, then all of those things, without effort, shall flow into your life.

If you try to accomplish things in this world, you will get glimpses, as I have said, of who you are. But when you try and struggle and work at exercising this power within, which really is the faith of which I am speaking, when you try and struggle, you but decrease the power of faith to work in your life. For faith, the power within you that arises out of your awareness of who you are, has infinite power and operates without effort. God never works at anything.

Then how shall you know if you are seeking the kingdom of God? And this is one of the most fundamental questions you have to address. If you realize that you are infinite love, then that is what you feel for the entire world, for every brother, without exception. And if you can not do that, then you are blocking the faith of which I speak. And you do not know who you are. If you realize that you are spirit, then that is what you see when you look at the world, the essence of spirit. And then when you see that, you are seeing your real Self.

Then you will see past all appearances. You will see past form, except as an image of the reality of what is. And all that you will experience is love and harmony and oneness and joy. And you will experience, when you do that, the perfect health of which I’ve spoken, and the adequate wealth of which I’ve spoken, and the love and relationships of which I’ve spoken. All of those will flow out of you in your realization of who you are. And thus it is. And you will be aware of the kingdom of God within. And all these things will flow into your life.

Now is it possible to look at any aspect of this imaginary space and time and see the truth of what you are? And the answer is – yes. Can you obtain knowledge by looking at this world? Of course not. That I have told you. But can you get glimpses of the essence of what you are? And the answer is – of course. Because all of it was created by the one being that is God, that is love, that is harmony, that is beauty. So as you look past appearances, that is all that you can see.

Now you have come here, each of you having chosen a path, if you will, to explore the discovery of who you are. And those paths are all different. They are as different as the number of seemingly separate beings that exist, all part of this imagined world of space and time and duality.

So how do you know within that world what to pursue? It is simple. What generates love and happiness in your heart? What makes time cease to exist? When every moment is but a moment of happiness and enthusiasm and being, then as you look within, that love that flows out of your being tells you of the pathway to discovering who you are. And to get glimpses here in space and time, you will explore many other aspects, simply by looking at them. You may think of it as sequences of lifetimes, which in reality do not exist. But you can explore many aspects in the process of discovering who you are.

But in this one imagined lifetime of which you are primarily aware right now, then the issue is – what do you love to do? You might simply say – follow your heart. For then you are listening within. And you are pursuing your passions, thereby to discover the kingdom of God. You might follow that pathway of joy by sitting at a piano. You might do it with knitting needles. You might do it writing words. You might do it with gardening and raising flowers. You might do it with as many diverse activities as there are here.

Imagine for a moment. What if every being on earth simply did what he or she loved to do, and was instantly supported by the entire universe and every other being. The world would be what you desire — happiness and joining and oneness and peace and love. And you would get stronger and stronger glimpses of what you are. So faith, faith, literally is what you are. Faith is the essence of what you are, expressing itself in your imaginary world. Can you be aware of what that faith is? And the answer is – yes, of course. By listening within to your feelings.

Faith, by your design, starts with thoughts in your head which you believe to be true. And that begins a pathway. You have started the pathway in your conscious mind. However, your conscious thoughts contain no creative power, as I told you. But you do have input with your conscious thoughts. So as you process and listen, but mostly listen, you become aware of something that you believe to be true.

And then, as I have told you, the next step is to imagine the existence of that which you believe. Now, to imagine is literally to experience within that which you believe. You experience it in your imagination. In order for your faith to move mountains, it must be as real as the imagination that holds the world that you see together. Think of the power of faith that is involved in sitting in a chair. That is a miracle, indeed. You can imagine a chair being anywhere you want. And when you do that with the same intensity and sensation of reality that you give to the imaginary chairs around you, the chair will seem to be there. A mountain will seem to be there or not. The power of your imagination in this world could almost be considered the power of God in action.

But then it goes further. You first believe, and then you imagine, and then it becomes experience. Experience is feeling. You do not think. It simply is, at the core of your being. You may say – in your heart, or whatever words you use. But when you are experiencing, beyond words, then you are connected as best you can be to the essence of what you are.

So faith is that which allows you to first believe, and then imagine, and then feel, feel, whatever it is you choose for your life. There is a step beyond that and that is to know. But knowledge is not of space and time and cannot be realized here. And in the world of Reality, believing and imagining and feeling do not exist. So those things, those things of your space and time and your imagined world are just steps you can use, by your careful design, to help you to move to the awareness of what you are.

Now you live every moment of your life by faith, for it is the power of faith in action that literally determines your world. There is no outside world. There only exists the world within. The kingdom of God is within you. And your entire world and your entire life is within you. For all of it is but, literally, a figment of your imagination, albeit the imagination that is the power of God.

So your world literally is whatever you imagine. If you imagine yourself sick, it is the power of God choosing that experience. If you imagine yourself wealthy, or poor, it is the power of God choosing that experience. If you imagine yourself loved or not loved, it is the power of God choosing that experience. Thus your faith dictates your world in every moment, whether you like it or not, and whether you believe it or not.

But you do have a choice in where you shall place your faith. Suppose you want to dedicate your life to making money and being rich, then you are trying to focus the power of God on that which is illusion and imaginary. You can get glimpses of God in the process, but nothing more than that. So the real focus of faith wants to be on who you are. And I have told you – you are one; you are perfect love; you are perfect harmony. And as you let that become who you are in this world, then literally all the rest shall flow into your life without effort. Because in that moment the power that you have given your conscious thought to block it, is no longer functioning.

So how do you stop blocking it, if you wish? You do that by taking every opportunity that you can, in every second of your life, to focus only on what you truly are. This is a world where everything is love. You are love. All beings are love, regardless of how the circumstances look. So make it your path to see nothing but love. And if you cannot do that, be still and listen. And a voice from within will make it clear to you that everything is perfect harmony. For there is no separation and no division anywhere within the world.

Make it your focus to see only the perfect harmony in everything. And if you cannot, be still and a voice from within will come to help you. And that voice which is your own voice, and is the voice of God, I have called the Holy Spirit. You may call it whatever you want. But it is the reality of what you are coming into your conscious awareness as best it can.

There are other techniques that you can learn to accomplish this. And in part you will learn to override the collection of false beliefs that are buried in your imaginary subconscious mind. I will not address that in great detail today. But that is what you are doing. There are techniques you can use, such as different meditations etc. And they have their rewards.

But your real goal, as I have said, is to seek ye first the kingdom of God, the reality, the oneness, the harmony and perfection of love. And when that is all you see, then you will have the vision of Christ. For that is what I saw in the world, as I walked and lived in it. You, too, will have that. And you will see every brother and every sister and, hear me well, your self, the same way. And then your life will be perfect harmony, and love, and joy. And you will have found the kingdom of God. And you will have found, through the exercise of your faith, that which is nothing more than the power of God that exists within you, the power that is always there and can never leave. Rejoice.

My blessings upon you all. That is all.

Brent A. Haskell, Ph.D., D.O.