Happiness comes from doing and experiencing that which brings you joy.  And that is the purpose of existence.  Joy – and that is all.

So the purpose of the world is simply happiness.  And when you play your games here, you do it because it is fun, because it makes you happy– all the while knowing that no harm can come to you.  So a huge step for you in enjoying this world is realizing that no harm can come to you. And eventually, as I have told you, you will discover that the real pathway home is to let go of all of your fears, to let go of ego itself, of your whole belief that you are separate and isolated and alone.  And then you can live life here as long as you like in a world which is totally love, and a world that is oneness and peace and harmony.

In the world of spirit everything is love.  You are love.  This world is love.  And that is happiness, and that is joy.

Excerpts from the Brent Haskell article: Jeshua: On Why is the world.