Brent Haskell article: Jeshua: On Kindness

Greetings to you this day. I am Jeshua. You have asked me to speak with you this day about kindness. And of that I would speak.

When you hear the word kindness, you think of being kind. And when you think of being kind, do you not think of being kind to an other? And, indeed, you do. But I tell you this day, there is no such thing as an other. For God itself is One. The universe is One. All of existence is One.

So if you would be kind, to whom can you extend the kindness? Ah, yes, only to your self. However, being kind to your self is not at all easy for those of you in human form who dwell in this world of space and time. For you harbor a collection of beliefs, albeit false, that would tell you that you do not deserve kindness.

When I walked this earth 2000 years ago, I told you that you could reduce everything I was trying to teach to two commandments. The first was to love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind, and all of your strength. And the second that was like unto it is to love your neighbor as yourself. Now if you would love your neighbor as yourself, what does that mean? How can you love a neighbor, or any other being, as yourself unless you have conquered the first, and major hurdle, and that is – loving your self.

Now, if I say love your self, and I speak of your small ”s” self, that is indeed a challenge because of the false beliefs of which I have spoken. But if I ask you to love your Self, capital “S”, then I am simply asking that you love God. And even loving God can be a challenge, depending on the beliefs you harbor within.

So what of the beliefs that would keep you from loving your Self, and would therefore keep you from loving your neighbor, and would therefore keep you from loving God? So many of you believe in sin, which is something you have done that is wrong. And sin is something you believe you have done that somehow has offended God. But what if I told you, which I have done on many occasions, that there is no such thing as sin? Then you are free.

But it goes beyond that. Not only is there no such thing as sin. But it demands that, in the absence of your sin, you could not offend or be undesirable, in any way, to God, even if, in your world of false beliefs, you tried to do that. So you, your Self, are absolutely free of sin. And therefore, so is your neighbor. Ahh, but therefore, so is God. That means that there is no reason, no belief, that can ever cause you to not love your neighbor or to not love God.

And if I speak of loving your self, in the absence of sin, what am I saying? Your Self, or your self, is always and only cause for celebration. Everything about you, as spirit, is cause for celebration, because your spirit is one with, and is the same as, God. And everything about the universe is God itself, and is cause for celebration. That is true.

More difficult for you to believe, perhaps, is that everything about your self is cause for celebration. For all of it, whether you know it or not, and especially whether you believe it or not, is love in action. Every aspect of your life here in space and time, seemingly as a body, is cause for celebration in the world of spirit. And I tell you, that is true of your self.

Now, when I asked you to love your neighbor as you love your self, then what am I saying? I am saying that every thing, EVERYTHING, here in your world of space and time, about any and every neighbor, is cause for celebration. Because all of it is nothing but love. And if you can not celebrate everything about every other being who walks this planet with you, then you are incapable yet of loving yourself, and therefore you are incapable of loving your neighbor, and further, you are incapable of loving God.

So how do you get beyond the judgments that seem to arise out of your beliefs, although false? How do you learn to celebrate the things that you find so difficult to even forgive, in your words? You take this step, that of knowing within that the reality of what you are, the reality of what your neighbor is, and the reality of what God is, is spirit. And have you not read, and have I not told you, God is spirit. You are spirit. And every brother is spirit. When you know that, then without effort, without effort, you look beyond this truly imaginary world of bodies and space and time.

And as you look beyond the imagined form, you see the essence of what is. And when you do that, you see the essence of God and therefore the essence of you. So if I ask you to be kind, then, yes, be kind to every other being who walks this planet with you. And that demands knowing that none of those beings is other. That demands knowing that your entire world is, and arises out of, you. And as you look at your self then you can see past the imagined form to the spirit that you are, which is the same as the spirit that God is, which is the same as the oneness that the world is.

As you look past that, then you will truly see your Self. And all that you will see is a world of perfect love, and harmony, and oneness, and sharing, and yes, beauty. And the celebration of which I have spoken will simply be automatic, and will take place without effort. And then you will also, without effort, be kind to every brother and every sister, because you will have been kind to yourself, and because you will have been kind to God. Rejoice.

My blessings upon you all. That is all.

Brent A. Haskell, Ph.D., D.O.