Form and Content

Brent Haskell article: Jeshua: On Form and Content

Greetings to you, this day. I am Jeshua. I have come this day, at your request, to speak with you about form and content. The words can seem simple. But the application in your life about what is form and what is content can seem, indeed, difficult.

In simplest terms, form is that which makes up this imaginary world, this illusion you have created for the purpose of pretending you are what you are not. Aah, but content. Content must be beyond form, for the two are truly incompatible. I have told you that love is content and is never form of any kind. So this world of form, even though it arose out of your creative spirit, is not love, cannot of itself speak to you of love, and cannot teach you of love. You experience love by going beyond form itself.

Now if I say that love is content, what does that mean? Love is not of form, that I have told you. So love is never what you would do. Love is never found in sharing the experiences of space and time. Love is beyond that. But it should be so. For the essence of what you are is totally beyond space and time, totally beyond the imaginary world of form. So I have told you, you have not a body. You are not a body. You are spirit.

So how does spirit express itself? How does spirit talk? How does spirit share? Spirit simply becomes. And if I say love is content and never form, that love is always experience that penetrates into and radiates from the very core of your being. Again, love is never something that you do. In fact, love is never something that you say. So if you would experience love, you must do it beyond the form. So love reflects what you are, what you experience at the core of your being. Love is content. And love is beyond form. And love is all there is.

Then love, which is content itself, is everything. So existence itself, hear me well, beyond form, is the essence of the universe. It is the essence of God. It is the essence of you. And all of that is love. That love has creative power, as I have told you. That love shares automatically because love knows of the oneness that connects all of existence, within itself, and of itself, and as itself.

The word oneness you can speak. But here in space and time, with your thoughts, you cannot know of oneness. So form is that which seems to make up this imaginary world. And love is the essence of existence, that beingness that lies beyond it all. So in this world can you express and experience love? And the answer is, in part you can. But love, as I have said, lies beyond the words and your actions. Love is experience, the feeling that resides at the core of your being. And experience itself, because the universe is one, is instantly and effortlessly transmitted to the entire universe.

So when you have a feeling, it transmits to the entire universe. What if you have a feeling that seems not to be of love? And I have told you the opposite of love is fear. What if you have a feeling that seems to be of fear? I promise you, the feeling of fear always arises from your beliefs that form exists and has reality. When you go beyond any belief that form is other than imagination in action, when you go beyond any of that, then what you shall find is love. So I promise you, even if you seem to be afraid, you are simply blocking your awareness of love by inviting fear into your life. And fear is, truly, simply your beliefs that form has existence and is real.

There is one more thing about which I would speak with you, an aspect of form which you need to be reminded of. One of the aspects of form that is so treacherous is your thoughts, the thoughts of your brain and the words that you speak. Those thoughts do in fact seem to arise out of the brain, which is form, and, therefore, can not be love. And have I not told you, your thoughts do not mean anything. Your thoughts are not the thoughts you think with God. Your thoughts are just images that you have made.

So I would tell you this day, the thoughts that you think you think, the words that you seem to speak, those thoughts which are not real thoughts, they are not of love. Even if you would say the words, “I love you”, those are words of form and seem to be words of doing and not being. So they are not love. If you say the words, “I love you”, and at the core of your being you vibrate with the essence of what you are, which is love and which is God, then you can experience love. But I promise you, that experience does not arise from the words and can never be reflected by the words.

So what is the best way to express love in your world? Simply to be the essence of love. Do you need to speak the words? No, indeed. Do you need to act it out somehow? No, indeed. You can say it and you can act it out, if you wish. But do not delude yourself. The essence of love lies at the core of your being, and arises out of content, and not form. And that is why I have told you, and many other sources have told you, the best way to experience love, and the essence of God, and the essence of what you are, is in your silence. For in your silence, when you do not think and do not speak, and almost lose all sense of being a body, you become as aware as you can in space and time of your essence as spirit. And that is your goal, to simply experience what you are.

For what you are, I promise you, is content. And what you are, I promise you, is never of form. And what you are, as content, is the pure and beautiful essence of love itself. For, as I have told you, that is truly what you are. Rejoice.

My blessings upon you all. That is all.

Brent A. Haskell, Ph.D., D.O.