Emotions and Feelings

Brent Haskell article: Jeshua: On Emotions and Feelings

Greetings to you. I am Jeshua. You have asked me about feeling and emotion and if there is a difference.

As I have told you, conscious thought has no creative power. Consciousness is the screen onto which mind projects false images that it wishes to believe are real. In order for something to feel real, it must be connected to the essence of what you are. And the essence of what you are is experience. And you can call that feeling. For when you feel something fully, with your whole being, beyond effort, it must manifest in your life.

Emotion is an experience of the unreal thoughts of consciousness. By your careful design, it is important for you to believe that you are experiencing while you yet dwell in the world of conscious thought, in the world of the ego. And so emotion is the response you get, which for all of your intents and purposes in space-time, is a feeling. However your emotions are based on the thoughts of space-time. Your emotions are based on the thoughts which are not the thoughts you think with God, the thoughts that do not mean anything, and the thoughts which are not real by your design.

Those thoughts can be implanted in your subconscious mind, and to great extent they are. And when you encounter a situation which you react to with the thinking, then emotions arise. In fact they come in the form of reactions, and they come from your subconscious mind. Is it easy for you to tell whether you are experiencing an emotion or a feeling. Feeling has connection to what you actually are. And that is the way to tell. If you have an emotion and it does not speak to you of, or does not take you to an experience of, peace, and joy, and harmony, and beauty, and yes, of the nature of God and of the nature of who you are – if it does not speak to you of those, then you may be assured that it is not real.

Therefore any emotion of fear or negativity or apprehension or doubt or anger or resentment and the list goes on and on – all of those emotions are connected to the thoughts of consciousness, the ones which are buried in your subconscious mind in order to allow you to experience space-time as you do. Any of those emotions are not real and, by design, they become for you a gift from your spirit. For if you feel an emotion of anger, you instantly know that that arises from a false belief that is buried in your subconscious mind. And that false belief, as I have told you, is one of the building blocks of your ego. And the ego is the collection of false beliefs you have about who you are. This I have told you before. So emotion is of space-time. The thoughts that lead to emotion are in your subconscious mind. And they are there to allow you, and to cause you, to believe that space-time is real. And that is part of the experience you have chosen.

But they also, as I have told you, bring to you a gift which helps you to know that it is time to look within and to release a belief, if you would know who you actually are. And your feelings connect you to who you are. And if you have a feeling, it is beyond the threat of the things of this imaginary world. Your feelings are of peace and joy and harmony and oneness and celebration. So if you are searching for a feeling, it will flow through your being, and it will be beyond the threat of this world.

Can you use your power of faith to generate a feeling that can manifest things in this world? And the answer is, you can, indeed. That also is by your design. And when you know that everything comes from within, everything comes from you, your One Self, and therefore, God. When you know that everything comes from the universe itself, then that becomes your inner world.

And I have told you that your inner world, which is the world of faith, is impervious to what looks like the circumstances which are outside of you or beyond you. So can you have a new car which runs perfectly and does not break down and is free of accidents and damage and will serve you for as long as you choose to need transportation in space-time? And the answer is, you can, indeed, do that. And that comes from feeling.

But it also comes more from the certainty that fills your being, beyond effort. And I have told you, the final step in your faith is what you become. So in your life can you become that which has a good and reliable car to help you transport yourself among these imaginary streets and roads, and places in space-time? Can you generate that, without effort? You can do that, and have it truly be beyond any damage that an imaginary outside world can cause you. Can it be beyond damage? And the answer is, yes. But only if it arises out of your complete awareness, again beyond effort, of who you are.

For when you know that you are God, as I did when I walked this earth, then did I have the power within to let the world be the servant of my will, instead of the other way around? And the answer is, I did. The tricky point is, can you, of ego, do that? And the answer is, of course not. You should chuckle as I say those words.

When you are truly connected to the awareness of who you are, and realize that you are God, and have become God within yourself, then all of that can flow out of you. That is what does indeed flow out of you, without effort. And it shall be oneness and peace and harmony and love. You will not plan it. It will simply be. You do not struggle to have a new car. You simply allow it, without effort, and it will be there. And it will feel as if it is the will of the Father working through you, which are the words that I used.

My blessings upon you all. That is all.

Brent A. Haskell Ph.D., D.O.