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Alexander Marchand: The Universe Is Virtual: Discover the Science of the Future, Where the Emerging Field of Digital Physics Meets Consciousness, Reincarnation, Oneness, and Quantum Forgiveness

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Alexander Marchand: The Universe Is a Dream – The Secrets of Existence Revealed

Have you ever contemplated the cause of the universe beyond simply attributing it to God or The Big Bang? If so, have you ever entertained the idea that the universe is but a dream? Which is to say, have you ever considered that the cause of the universe is that you dreamt it up? At first glance, the idea that you dreamt up the universe perhaps seems implausible. However, what if you really took that idea seriously and followed it to its logical conclusion? What would you discover? Well, this book answers that question. Using the unique form of a graphic novel, artist and writer Alexander Marchand takes you on an artistic, humorous, irreverent, and extremely informative romp through the advanced, nondualistic metaphysics of the contemporary spiritual document known as A Course in Miracles. In the end, you’ll not only have a coherent picture of the true nature of the universe and existence, but you’ll also have essential, practical knowledge of what you will need to do if you are ready to wake up.



Alexander Marchand: Revelations from the Holy Planet (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book One)

Hello, I am Alexander Marchand, or Alex for short. This is the first book in my graphic novel series titled The Undreaming Chronicles . I am not only the author and artist of this series but also the protagonist. In my life and in this story, I am a student of the contemporary spiritual document known as A Course in Miracles . As an avid connoisseur of all things philosophy, science, and spirituality, it is my opinion that there is no explanation of the meaning of life and the universe that compares to the insights of A Course in Miracles . And for that reason, the insights of A Course in Miracles are the bedrock of The Undreaming Chronicles series. For those already familiar with A Course in Miracles , this series of books will provide a new, adventurous, colorful perspective on the ideas of the Course and their application. And for those unfamiliar with A Course in Miracles , this series of books will provide a venue to explore a “what if.” What if the underlying message of this series of books is indeed true? Well, trust me; you have nothing “real” to lose by entertaining that possibility. And regardless, there is much more to this series than just A Course in Miracles . In particular, this series is a venue for paying homage to all the ideas that have shaped my ongoing journey into ever-deeper spiritual and philosophical understanding. And those ideas have come in many forms, from alien abduction stories, to economic models, to scientific discoveries, to mathematical peculiarities…the list goes on and on. So anyway, I hope you join me for this entire series of books. This series of books uses the graphic novel format due to the simple fact that pictures can often communicate quite quickly what pages of text can merely approximate. In my opinion, the combination of words and pictures provides a superior book experience. That’s why I put in the extra effort to not just write books but draw them too. This first book is only the beginning and thus is merely the introduction to the exciting and insightful story to follow. I can tell you right now that there is no better ending than the ending of this series, but you won’t get to that ending without going through what it takes to get there. Enjoy.


The Universe is Virtual: A conversation with Bruce Rawles about Alexander’s new book.