A Course of Love

A Course of Love is a sequel to A Course in Miracles, the phenomenal work received in the 1960s and early 70s that has touched the lives of millions. ACOL declares itself to be a “continuation of the coursework provided in A Course in Miracles.” Nevertheless, readers need not be familiar with the original Course. ACOL is gentle and accessible, a spiritual masterpiece.

Love is not something you do. It is what you are. A Course of Love gently guides you to the discovery of your true identity—who you have always been. This Course is not for the mind but for the heart, for the heart has the ability to learn in a new way. A way of direct knowing.

“What could cause you to yearn for love in a loveless world? By what means do you continue to recognize that love is at the heart of all things even while it is not valued here? Here is a fine example that means and end are the same. For love is what you are as well as what you strive for. Love is means and end.”

Download 24 Chapters from  A Course of Love.